The Milltown Garden Patch offers 7’x14′ garden beds to community members for a nominal fee which includes membership in the Milltown Garden Patch, a 501c3 nonprofit.

Our garden is organic, the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or weed killers is not allowed. We strive to create an environment in which members will not only experience the joys of growing their own food, but also create an atmosphere which will foster community.

Members have an opportunity to learn from one another, anything from general gardening tips and nutrition to seed selection and environmentally safe pest control.

Questions? Call us at (406) 550-0671 or email

What are the Benefits of a Community Garden?

Many families living in Milltown area would like to grow some of their own vegetables, herbs, and flowers but simply don’t have the space to do so. For others gardening is a relaxing way to exercise & enjoy the outdoors. Those who participate in community gardening contribute to the preservation of open space, provide access to it, and create sustainable uses of the space. Community gardens help bring neighbors closer together, while beautifying our city. They can also promote environmental awareness and provide community education.

“Always leave the earth better than you found it.”~ Rupert Stephens, pioneering organic farmer