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Missoula Food Bank
a private, non-profit organization that addresses hunger in Missoula County by offering emergency food assistance to all individuals and families who come to us in need.
Friends of Two Rivers
a citizens' organization committed to promoting a safe, healthy and enriching environment for communities at the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.
Clark Fork River Market
located under the Higgins Bridge, in the Riverside Parking Lot, just east of Caras Park and the Wilma Building in downtown Missoula.
Home Resource
a non-profit building materials reuse center

Our Wish List

The following is a wish list of items that we can use at the Milltown Garden Patch:


Updated April 11, 2016

Llama, cow or sheep compost
 2 Mantis tillers
 Volunteers: More times than not, our Garden Manager, Billy Izzard, is at the garden working 8 hours a day 6 days a week, due to a shortage of volunteers.

There are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly. Tasks include, but are not limited to: planting, harvesting, weeding and setting up/running the farm stand on Saturday mornings

Special thanks also goes out to Dave Turk of East Missoula, MT who donates his time and equipment EVERY YEAR in assisting us with rock removal and tilling  April  thru October each and every garden season since we started in 2010.

Please check back soon as our wish list is always changing depending on our current needs. 

View our Support Us page to learn more about other ways to donate to the Milltown Garden Patch. 
Of course, we are always appreciative of any donation of time as well.