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Missoula Food Bank
a private, non-profit organization that addresses hunger in Missoula County by offering emergency food assistance to all individuals and families who come to us in need.
Friends of Two Rivers
a citizens' organization committed to promoting a safe, healthy and enriching environment for communities at the confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers.
Clark Fork River Market
located under the Higgins Bridge, in the Riverside Parking Lot, just east of Caras Park and the Wilma Building in downtown Missoula.
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a non-profit building materials reuse center

About the Milltown Garden Patch

The Milltown Garden Patch garden offers 11'6" x 6'6" garden beds to community members for a nominal fee which will include membership in the Milltown Garden Patch.

Our garden is organic, which means that we do not allow the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or weed killers. We will strive to create an environment in which members will not only experience the joys of growing their own food, but also create an atmosphere which will foster a sense helping one another in our individual organic gardening endeavors. Members will have an opportunity to learn from one another anything from general gardening tips and nutrition to seed selection and environmentally safe pest control.

What started out as an idea while drinking coffee and looking through seed catalogs on a Winter day in 2009 by our founder Billy Izzard, the Milltown Garden Patch has become a quest to change our community.

Aerial View of Milltown Garden Patch

April 2011 aerial view of Milltown Garden Patch
Photo courtesy of Gary Matson

Click on photo view larger version

In the Spring of 2009, when we first approached the Milltown Water Users Association about gardening on the property owned by the association, we couldn't have imagined that we would be given use such a large portion of the property for our use. It was then that the concept of growing a pumpkin patch and a "community donation garden" in addition to offering individual garden plots became a reality.

The pumpkin patch and "community donation garden" both serve as a community based projects which will give back to the community. Both of these gardens are worked on collectively by the members of the Milltown Garden Patch, as well as non-members, who are interested in participating. Those involved will be responsible for planting, weeding and maintaining these gardens.

Vegetables harvested from the "community donation garden" are available for sale to the community on Saturdays in July thru September.  Proceeds from the sale of produce goes directly to the maintenance of the garden.

Pumpkins are available for purchase mid to late October.